Hampers for Campers and Meat Sales

Upper Booth Farm rears Belted Galloway Beef and Swaledale lamb.

Packs, joints and burgers are seasonally available. Brown eggs from our barn hens or small eggs from our Free Range Derbyshire Redcaps. Home made bread is made to order.

Order form and full payment must be recieved at least 14 days prior to your arrival date


  • Country Markets sell a range of  locally baked goods, preserves, eggs and honey, garden produce and crafts.
  • Fosters in Chapel en le Frith is an "Aladins Cave" for Foodies. Fruit, Veg,, Bread, Cakes, Deli, Florists.
  • LEMBAS is a thriving small business based in Sheffield. Lembas supply organic produce, wholefoods and other environmentally sound products.
  • Middletons Dairy delivers fresh milk to Upper Booth..., in recyclable glass bottles!
  • Wm. Watson (Butchers) - the local butcher who rears much of the meat sold in the shop on his own farm.
  • Mac Burnham (Butchers) - family butchers in Chapel en le Frith, supply a great range of meats and baked goods.

By ordering from Hampers for Campers you will be actively reducing food miles, eating high quality, healthy produce, supporting local businesses and the rural economy, reducing waste and supporting our Environmental Policy.

Hampers for Campers

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Quality locally sourced produce available to enjoy during your stay or to take home.

  • reduce food miles
  • eat local,
  • support local businesses
  • reduce waste

Pre ordered bags/hampers ready and waiting for you on arrival.

All products are sourced from local producers or businesses, many of which hold the prestigious Peak District Environmental Quality Mark.

Some products may vary due to availability.

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Belted Galloway Beef & Edale Lamb from Upper Booth

Our Policy

  • Cattle & sheep graze upland pastures at Upper Booth and are helping with environmentally sensitive management of habitats and landscape features.
  • Our animals are reared extensively - they grow slowly over a long period - on upland pastures that are the natural environment for this type of livestock.
  • Cattle & sheep are managed with full consideration for their welfare at all stages of their life. Their health is monitored in consultation with the vet. They are never given growth promoters.
  • Animals are selected, handled and transported by ourselves at all times.
  • High quality meat from these animals has been produced over a long period. To ensure that quality is carried through to the consumer, our beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour.
  • Our high quality beef and lamb is fully traceable. At Upper Booth our management systems are inspected under the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark and Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb.

  • 15/05/2015
    We are now FULLY booked on the following dates: May 22nd - May 23rd - May 24th - May 28th - May 29th - May 30th - June 27th - July 3rd - July 4th - July 10th - July 11th -
  • 11/04/2015

    EDALE WOOD FIRED PIZZA Available in Edale (outside the Peak Centre) on Friday and Saturdays from 4pm. See their Facebook page!
  • 21/03/2015
    Curlews have returned!
    Spring is on the way, how do we know? The curlew , plover and ring ouzels are back and we are getting lots of bookings coming in. See you soon!
  • 23/02/2015
    Snowdrops at last!
    Great to see the snowdrops up at last! Jolly chilly day again with plenty of snow flurries. Takes much of the morning to feed the sheep and cows. Are you following us on Facebook? ...... Upper Booth Camping
  • 11/02/2015
    2015 opening
    We will be opening the site to tents on 1st March. There is still plenty of snow where it drifted a couple of weeks ago. As it melts it is making the ground VERY wet. We look forward to weather perking up in March! Bookings are coming in and a few weekends are filling already. Most of the days are spent feeding the sheep and cows. Sheep have had a long while when they have not seen any grass because of the snow. We have been taking hay out to them. The cows are inside and eating loads of silage. The ewes have been scanned , in just the same way as ladies are! This enables us to feed them more accurately with those having twins getting more food than the ones having single lambs. Lambing starts mid April. See you soon. Look forward to seeing you soon!
  • 23/06/2014
    COMING ON SITE???.......
    ARRIVALS AFTER 3pm and before 9pm please.
  • 25/02/2013
    Environmental Policy
    At Upper Booth Farm we are proud of our environmental achievements. Please help us reduce our environmental impact. Bring minimal packageing (use Hampers For Campers!) and recycle in bins provided or take your waste home with you. Your support is much appreciated.
  • 26/06/2014
    Hampers for Campers
    Don't forget that you can order food to collect on arrival. Our Hamper For Campers can be ordered from the website - click on Sales Minimum 14 days notice and full payment with order please.(as stated at top of page) Local produce, reduce food miles, support local businesses.